The latest issue of Maps in History is in the mail


The May 2017 issue of the magazine Maps in History, published by the Brussels Map Circle, has been mailed out in June. As usual, the PDF will be made freely available 12 months later at the magazine’s website. The table of contents follows below.

Maps in History is mailed free of charge to the members of the Brussels Map Circle, and is not distributed commercially. If you wish to subscribe to the magazine, just join the Circle at

The annual membership fee (40 €) will give you three issues of Maps in History, a monthly electronic newsletter and free access to two yearly events: the International Conference and the Map Afternoon, both held in Brussels.


  • Enlarging the World (Alex Smit)

Looks at books

  • Vincenzo Coronelli – Cosmographer (1650-1718), by Marica Milanesi (Wulf Bodenstein)
  • Mapping Antarctica, by R. Clancy, J. Manning and H. Broslma (Jan de Graeve)
  • Las islas del fin del mundo, by Kevin R. Wittmann (Luis Robles Macías)
  • La Fabrique de l’Océan Indien, edited by E. Vagnon and E. Vallet (Nicola Boothby)

History and Cartography

  • François Valentijn’s Influential Maps of the Cape of Good Hope (Roger Stewart)
  • The Medici Family and cartography in Florence (Alex Smit)
  • Cooperation on digital library of Waldseemüller map (Alex Smit)

Where are they now? (catching up with How I Got Into Cartography interviewees)

  • Interviews with Soetkin Vervust, Tom Harper and Emmanuelle Vagnon (Nicola Boothby)

Plus short reports from several other exhibitions and conferences, calendar of upcoming events and much more…


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